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2015 has been a bumpy ride for mortgage interest rates. After dipping to two-year lows in February, rates rose sharply in March, dipped again in April, rose even more sharply in June, moved lower slowly through October, and spiked again in November. Staying with that roller coaster pattern, rates have been slowly moving lower again since a mild spike in early November. The spikes and dips in interest rates have largely been triggered by good news or bad news in the global economy. When positive reports have come out, the markets assume the Fed is ready to raise its baseline lending rates and mortgage interest rates jump up. As bad news arrives about the economy, doubts about the Fed making a move creep in and mortgage interest rates begin to dip.

While markets are unpredictable, one certain thing is that mortgage interest rates are currently still very low by historical measures. If you have been considering a refinance to improve your interest rate or to remove mortgage insurance or to get cash out, contact us in the sidebar while rates are still low. Likewise, if you are looking at purchasing a home, contact us on our home purchase page. While rates have bounced around this year, the overall range of interest rates is still surprisingly low.

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