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The FHA streamline program is not new. FHA streamlines are refinances from one FHA loan to a better FHA loan. They are called streamlines because the process is streamlined; no appraisal required, no income verification required, no asset verification required. The primary requirements are that the borrower has decent credit and no 30 day mortgage payments in the last 12 months. The FHA knows that they are already co-signed on current FHA loans so their attitude is that if Jane Public can afford her FHA loan at, say a 4.5% rate, Jane can afford it even more easily at a 3.5% rate or lower.

For FHA loans that were started after April of 2009 the monthly mortgage insurance payment normally increases with a streamline. (Not so with FHA loans older than that.) But in most cases, the monthly savings from the lowered interest rate is so high that the overall payment still drops pretty significantly even with the higher PMI. The other benefit of streamlines is that in most cases borrowers skip at least one payment and get a refund for everything in their current escrow account which means borrowers normally break even on any FHA fees added to the loan on day one.

The other good news (for now) is that the FHA monthly mortgage insurance can drop off entirely after 5 years. The current FHA rule is that FHA/HUD mortgage insurance is due on the loan for at least 5 years. However, when the 5 years is up if the loan balance drops to 78% of the appraised value of the home on record with the FHA the monthly MI will drop off entirely. For instance, if the home were appraised at $200,000 in 2008 when the home was purchased with an FHA loan, that is the value on record with the FHA even for families who streamline now. This is important because there are rumors that the FHA might soon change the 5 year, 78% rule and make the monthly MI last for the life of the loan.

So if you have an FHA loan, contact us in the form on the sidebar now. Rates are still hovering near all time lows and the rules for streamlines are extremely borrower-friendly still.

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