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The state of Pennsylvania has been running a foreclosure prevention program in which it reportedly loans unemployed people significant amounts of money to pay their mortgages while they are out of work. A variation of the plan is now being introduced nationally as it is included in the Financial Reform Bill being worked on in the senate right now. Here is more info from a recent HousingWire article on the subject:

The Senate passed the Restoring American Financial Stability Act last week, approving a new program that would reduce mortgage payments for the unemployed.

The program would provide $3bn from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to lend up to $50,000 to unemployed homeowners, who could reasonably resume making payments again within two years. The program was modeled after the Homeowners’ Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP) in Pennsylvania.

The Senate passed the bill last week but transplanted its own language into the one passed by the House of Representatives. The status of the reform is still “resolving differences.” But, lawmakers hope to have it in front of President Obama to sign by the July 4, 2010 recess.

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