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As the fallout from the US mortgage crunch gets worse and worse (see the news today with Wall Street behemoth Lehman Brothers going under and Merrill-Lynch agreeing to fold into Bank of America) there is no question that the banking disaster is far from over. The Federal government has reached its limit when it comes to bailing banks out so expect more and more banks to fail.

What effect this will have on the mortgage industry is still unclear but the banking world will never be the same after 2008. More and more people are wisely looking into FHA-backed mortgages and that trend will likely continue until things turn around enough for irrational exuberance to take hold again. If you find yourself in a adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) and are feeling a bit nervous about it contact us about getting refinanced into a fixed rate loan. Rates are back down here is September of ’08 so the timing is looking very good right now.

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