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We will likely never see mortgage interest rates this low again. If you have considered looking into a refinance contact us in the sidebar now. It never hurts to get an estimate. See this from a recent LA Times blog post:

The interest rate for a 30-year mortgage fell for the eighth time in nine weeks, according to a widely watched survey, with the record lows triggering the highest volume of home refinancing in 15 months.

Freddie Mac’s weekly report on lenders said solid borrowers with 20% down payments or home equity were being offered 30-year fixed-rate loans at an average of 4.42% this week, down from 4.44% a week earlier. The borrowers would have paid 0.6% of the loan amount in upfront lender fees.

The average 30-year interest rate recorded by the survey has not risen in nine weeks, although it remained flat at 4.57% for the weeks ending July 8 and July 15.

The rate this week on 15-year fixed loans also edged down to an average of 3.90% compared with 3.92% the previous week, with 0.6% in lender fees.

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