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We get this from HousingWire:

Bank of America, Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, Home Loan Services and Wilshire Credit became the eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh firm to be pre-approved for TARP funds, under the Making Home Affordable loan modification system.

Simi Valley, Calif.-based Bank of America, will be allowed to draw up to $798.9m of government funds. Countrywide Home Loans has been promised a maximum of $1.86bn. Home Loan Services and Wilshire Credit can draw up to $319m and $366m, respectively.

The other seven servicers on tap to receive funds include Chase Home Finance (which was allotted the largest share thus far — up to $3.55bn), Wells Fargo Bank ($2.87bn), CitiMortgage ($2.07bn), GMAC Mortgage ($633m), Saxon Mortgage Services ($407m), Select Portfolio Servicing ($376m) and Ocwen Financial ($659m).

This growing list is good news for borrowers in serious trouble.

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