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It is hard to tell if these sorts of things are only for show, but Chase is holding foreclosure prevention events that presumably deal with their loan modification programs. We get this from a recent HousingWire article:

JPMorgan Chase will host borrower outreach programs at 51 Chase Homeownership Centers in an effort to help struggling homeowners current on payments and avoid foreclosure.

Yesterday, Chase announced the opening of its 11th Homeownership Center in Florida. The firm published a list today of multi-day outreach events to be conducted in eight major US markets in 2010. Up to 40 Chase counselors will work with homeowners for up to 12 hours a day for four to five days at each event, many based in the centers.

Borrowers applying for a mortgage modification also receive short-sale assistance at the events. Those already in the modification process can drop off documents and sign final modification papers.

The multi-day events began in Florida, where counselors met with 3,200 borrowers. Chase said half of the homeowners spoke with counselors after less than 10 minutes. According to Chase, 75% of them said the experience was “excellent,” while another 12% said it was “very good.”

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