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One of the foreclosure prevention ideas that has been kicking around Washington DC in recent years is the so-called “right to rent” plan. Basically, the idea is that the government could give the right to homeowners to rent their homes back from the bank after a foreclosure and thus not be evicted. We get the following from a recent Huffington Post article:

At the moment, though, it’s unclear whether or not a “right-to-rent” plan has enough support in Washington.

“While we continue to review this concept, we have found several challenges that we believe would limit this type of assistance from making any significant impact in the market,” David Stevens, Federal Housing Administration Commissioner, wrote in an email. “Although we are not currently pursuing this option, the Obama Administration continues to work toward reforming the housing finance system and the mortgage servicing system in a way that puts consumers first and helps keep more Americans in their homes.”

But while the right to rent idea doesn’t have much traction, several other programs are up in running. Contact us in the sidebar to learn about which programs best apply to your situation.

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