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There was some question leading into yesterday’s Federal Reserve announcement whether the Fed would raise its short-term interest rate or not. The answer came back as a “no” for now. The Fed cited mixed economic reports in recent months in their decision to hold off on a rate hike. The Fed is looking for more clear signs that the U.S. economy is healthy and growing before hiking rates again, and there is no sure way to know when that will happen. Most pundits are forecasting that it will likely be September at soonest before a rate hike might be on the table again.

All of this means we can expect nice low mortgage interest rates for another couple of months at least. That means now is a great time to look into a refinance or a home purchase. With home values continuing to increase across the country, cash out refinances are becoming popular again. Increasing home values are also making homes more attractive as investments. Contact us today to get more info on available refinance and home purchase programs.

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