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The FHA announced yesterday that it will be increasing its monthly mortgage insurance fees by 0.25% on all products in April of 2011. This comes on the heels of other recent changes the FHA has made in order to strengthen its financial position in the face of the foreclosure crisis of the last several years.

What does a 0.25% increase in monthly mortgage insurance mean? Well on a $100,000 mortgage that equals an additional $250 per year or about $21 per month. On a $200,000 loan that is $500 per year or $42 per month. And so on. The rate increase also means that if you have an FHA loan now and were hoping to streamline it to a lower rate you should try to get that done immediately because the new, higher FHA mortgage insurance rates will apply to the new loan starting in April and those higher PMI payments could mitigate a lot of the savings that come from lowering the interest rate.

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