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According to recent reports, average home values across America rose 6% in March compared to March of 2014. This is in line with the general trends we have been seeing with home values steadily rising. Increasing home values is good news for most current homeowners for several reasons:

1. Homeowners with mortgage insurance (PMI) will have an easier time refinancing to remove that PMI
2. Homeowners will have an easier time getting cash out refinances
3. Homeowners looking to sell will benefit from higher sales prices

Rising home prices are not a bad thing for folks looking to buy homes either. While home prices might have risen in the last few years, the fact that homes are again slowly, steadily increasing in value means that homes that are purchased in 2015 would increase in value over time if the trend continues. A slow, steady increase in home values is good both for home sellers and for home buyers in the long run.

With mortgage interest rates still extremely low, now in an excellent time to look into refinancing a mortgage or buying a home. Contact us today to get more information on the available government-backed mortgage programs.

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