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The Senate voted overwhelmingly today to limit debate on the pending housing bill. This clears the way for the bill to pass in a timely manner and blocks any Republicans from trying to slow things down. In addition, massive support for this streamlining shows that the bill has a great deal of support among both Republicans and Democrats. Here is an excerpt from a recent AP article on the subject:

A massive foreclosure rescue bill overwhelmingly cleared a key Senate test Tuesday, drawing broad support from Democrats and Republicans alike.

The Senate voted 83-9 to speed up work on the $300 billion mortgage aid plan, putting it on track for a final vote as early as the end of the day.

The resounding vote reflected a keen interest in both parties in claiming election-year credit for helping homeowners amid tough economic times.

Of course the bill needs to get past the President but the broad support on both sides of the aisle make that seem more likely all of the time.

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