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Housing prices are increasing all across America in 2013. That is good news for sellers and buyers. For sellers, it is obviously good news because they can make more on their home sale. But for buyers it is also good news because the asset they are purchasing is likely to be worth more later on than it is now.

Housing has historically been a reliable investment because home values have traditionally slowly increased over time. Of course the bursting of the housing bubble in 2007 proved that housing won’t always go up. But six years later the housing market appears to be back on the march upward again. That means people who buy homes now can feel relatively confident that their home will be increasing in value in the years they own it.

Interest rates for government-backed mortgages are still very low by any historical measure. So if you have considered a home purchase, now is an excellent time to get the process started. Contact us in the sidebar to get more info on the available government backed home purchase mortgage programs.

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