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Congress is apparently becoming fed up with banks resistance to modifying loans for struggling homeowners. Here are some excerpts from a recent AP story on the subject:

Only one in three homeowners who have signed up for the Obama administration’s mortgage relief plan have sent back the necessary paperwork, highlighting continuing problems for the government’s effort to stem the foreclosure crisis.

The poor results from the mortgage industry drew sharp criticism from House Financial Services Committee members Tuesday. Since the program was launched in March, lenders have made loan modification offers to just 680,000 borrowers, far short of the administration’s goal of up to 4 million.

“Taxpayer-funded foreclosure mitigation programs have been an abject failure,” said Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, at a hearing on the program. “Throwing more money at programs that do not work is absolutely insane.

Much of the criticism for the disappointing results is being leveled at the banks, many of which received billions in taxpayer bailout dollars. Calls are growing louder on Capitol Hill for the Obama administration to take a tougher approach.

“We haven’t spanked anybody,” said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo. “I think they’ve come to the conclusion that spankings are not on the agenda … Why can’t we do something to one of them?”

Herbert Allison, the Treasury Department’s assistant secretary for financial stability, said punishment could be in the works.

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