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Recent reports showed lenders canceling a lot of scheduled California foreclosures in November 2009. Here is an excerpt from a San Jose Mercury story on this topic:

Under intense pressure to help more people stay in their homes, mortgage lenders canceled far more scheduled foreclosures in November than in the previous month, according to a report Tuesday.

A total of 10,469 scheduled foreclosures were canceled in November throughout California, up 20 percent from 8,741 in October, according to ForeclosureRadar, a Discovery Bay company that tracks foreclosure activity daily. In Santa Clara County, 337 were canceled, up from 269 in October.

The raw numbers may actually understate the scale of the increase, said Sean O’Toole, ForeclosureRadar’s founder. There were 416 cancellations each business day in October, and 581 each business day in November. That was an increase of 40 percent on an average daily basis because there were three fewer business days in November than October.

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