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Despite the federal government shutdown that recently ended, mortgage interest rates remain extremely low by historical measures. The dip we saw in mortgage interest rates in September and again in October after the Fed decided not to taper its stimulus program has persisted. That means now is still an excellent time to start the process of a refinance or home purchase.

Of course there remains a lot of uncertainty about what will happen with interest rates. If a new government shutdown happens, or worse, if the US defaults on its debts in the months to come, we would likely see a spike in mortgage interest rates. But as of now neither of those outcomes seem likely. With any luck a permanent resolution to the debt ceiling disagreements will be reached soon and rates will stay at the current low levels we are seeing through the end of 2013.

In any case, the odds that rates will be moving higher over the next few months remain high. So now is the time to contact us in the form on the right to get the ball rolling on a new government-backed mortgage. Rates are still near all time lows and there are excellent programs in place for consumers.

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