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Thanks to the efforts of the federal government mortgage interest rates are still near historic lows. But over the last week or two rates have begun inching upward again. This may, ironically, be partially due to the positive employment news that has been surfacing recently.

The good news is that rate are only inching higher lately rather than rocketing higher. It is inevitable that we will eventually see 30-year mortgage rates at more than 6% like we saw just a few years ago — it is only a question of how long before that happens. When rates increase like that many people with adjustable rate mortgages will see their payments go up by hundreds of dollars per month. But in the meantime rates are still very low.

If you have an adjustable rate mortgage or if you have a fixed rate mortgage that is higher than you want, contact us in the sidebar right away before interest rates get much higher. One of our counselors can point you in the right direction to take advantage of the government-backed refinance programs that are available.

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