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The global pandemic that has gripped the world for the last year has not only been a health emergency, but has also massively impacted financial markets. One of the side effects of widespread fear in the markets has been an uptick in intervention by the US federal reserve, in addition to a flight to safety by many investors. These factors drove mortgage interest rates to drop to unprecedented lows in 2020, and the good new is rates are still hovering near all time lows.

If you have considered refinancing to a lower rate and payment or perhaps to get cash out, there may never be a better time than now to look into a refinance. And if you’ve been considering buying a home, these historically low rates are allowing borrowers to qualify for more than ever before. Contact us in the sidebar to learn more about refinance options or if you are considering buying a home, contact us at our home purchase page. There is no telling how long these record low rates will be available so it would be prudent to take advantage of these rates before they bounce higher again.

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