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David Bach over at Yahoo! Finance recently wrote this about the recent White House announcements concerning the U.S. government’s plan to assist American homeowners with the FHA loan program:

On Aug. 31, while many of us were getting ready for a long holiday weekend, President Bush addressed the nation about the mounting concerns in the housing market. His speech took place exactly one month before we’ll see a record-breaking $50 billion in mortgages reset to a new rate.

That’s right, in the month of October alone, many homeowners will be forced to pay higher monthly mortgage payments than they can reasonably afford. And while this number is staggering, it’s not exactly new information — it’s been known for two years that the crisis was coming.

The Associated Press reports that, in all, 2 million homeowners have adjustable rate mortgages scheduled to reset by the end of 2008. Of those, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) estimates that 500,000 could experience foreclosure.

Is Bush’s Proposal Enough?…

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