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According to recent figures, about 10% of all US mortgages are more than 30 days late on payments in Q3 2009 and more than 4% are in some stage of foreclosure. Here is an excerpt from an article from CNNmoney.com on the subject:

Mortgage borrowers are still falling behind on their payments in record numbers, despite the many foreclosure prevention efforts initiated by the government and nonprofts.

In the third quarter, 9.64% of all mortgage loans were delinquent, according to a report released Thursday by Mortgage Bankers Association. That represents 4.5 million borrowers and is an increase from 9.24% in the prior three months.

“Despite the recession ending in mid-summer, the decline in mortgage performance continues,” said Jay Brinkmann, MBA’s chief economist. “Job losses continue to increase and drive up delinquencies and foreclosures because mortgages are paid with paychecks, not percentage point increases in GDP.”

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