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VA Loans are mortgages that are available to the families of US military veterans. For folks who are eligible, VA loans have some terrific benefits. Here are some of the positives of refinancing into VA loans:

– You can get up to 100% of the current value of your home. This is true even when the the refinance is rolling in a first and second mortgage (unlike HARP and FHA loans)
– There is no monthly mortgage insurance fee associated with VA loans (unlike FHA loans)
– Rates on VA loans tend to be quite low
– Overall lender fees on VA loans tend to be lower than other loans

Having said that, there is an upfront funding fee associated with VA loans. For that reason refinancing into a VA loan is not always the best option even for borrowers with VA eligibility. Still in some cases refinancing into a VA loan is an excellent solution.

Contact us in the sidebar to learn more about refinancing into a VA loan as well as the other government-backed loan programs that are available.

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