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In his State of the Union address this evening President Obama announced plans for a new refinance program that is reportedly going to be targeted to borrowers who are having trouble taking advantage of the government-backed refinance programs already in place. We get the following from a WSJ article on the subject:

President Barack Obama called on Congress during Tuesday’s State of the Union address to approve new legislation that would give all homeowners who are current on their mortgages the opportunity to refinance at record low mortgage rates, officials said Tuesday.

Administration officials declined on Tuesday to outline the mechanics or costs of the program, and they said those details would be spelled out in the legislation in the coming days. “Responsible homeowners shouldn’t have to sit and wait for the housing market to hit bottom to get some relief,” Mr. Obama said. ” No more red tape. No more runaround from the banks.” …

Unlike the existing program, which was unveiled in 2009, the latest proposal wouldn’t limit such opportunities to borrowers whose loans are already backed by mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which guarantee about half of all outstanding loans.

While details on the new program are forthcoming, there are several very useful refinance programs already in place. Contact us in the sidebar to learn more about the available programs.

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