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There was a pretty good article over on Foxbusiness.com with some housing market predictions for the second half of 2011. One of the predictions that we think is likely is that while mortgage interest rates are likely to remain low by historical standards, they are unlikely to remain as low as we have seen in the recent dip that has from May to June. In fact, in the last week of June we already saw a small sell off in bonds which caused mortgage interest rates to start rising again for the first time since April. We expect that rates will rise somewhat in the coming months for all mortgage types, including government-backed mortgages.

If you have been rate watching as you consider a refinance now is probably a good time to contact us in the sidebar to learn which programs might work for you and to get some estimates put together.

Here is a quote from that article mentioned above:

Mortgage rates are near record lows, but some mortgage experts say the party won’t last long as they expect rates to climb in the next few months. They don’t foresee a major spike, but rather an adjustment to bring them back to “normal” levels.

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