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Here is the press release and here are the relevant sections:

The Administration is acting now to help thousands of struggling American homeowners. The Administration has launched the FHASecure initiative, expected to help more than 300,000 families refinance their homes. In addition, Secretaries Paulson and Jackson have facilitated the private-sector HOPE NOW alliance, which has developed a plan under which more than a million homeowners could receive help.

The President calls on Congress to join him in helping American homeowners refinance their mortgages by passing important legislation, including a bill to modernize the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). The bill will give the FHA the necessary flexibility to help hundreds of thousands of additional families qualify for prime-rate financing. In addition, Congress needs to pass legislation permitting cities and states to help troubled borrowers by issuing tax-exempt bonds for refinancing existing home loans. Congress should also act to strengthen the regulation of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to ensure they focus on their important housing mission.

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