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Right now everyone who gets an FHA loan pays an upfront mortgage insurance premium of 1.5% to get into the FHA program Coming as soon as July to amount you pay will depend on your credit score. Here is some info on that subject from an recent LA Times article:

Under the new system, according to the FHA’s outline of its plan, “a larger number of low-income borrowers [will] benefit from premium reductions than . . . moderate-, middle- and upper-income borrowers combined.”

On 30-year mortgages with down payments of 10% or more, applicants with FICO scores above 680 will qualify for the lowest premiums — 1.25% of the loan amount upfront and annual renewal premium payments of 0.5%. Borrowers with down payments of less than 5% and poor credit scores — FICOs ranging from 500 to 559 — will be charged premiums of 2.25% up front and 0.55% annually. All borrowers will continue to receive the same market-based interest rate. Under the current system, borrowers pay uniform 1.5% premiums upfront and 0.5% annually.

We’ll get more details to you as they emerge.

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