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As predicted, the new FHA streamline program that launched in June created a massive stampede of FHA streamline refinances over the last month or so. But as we approach August the flood of refinance applications is slowly subsiding while interest rates on government-backed mortgages continue to drop to new all-time lows.

If you have an FHA loan contact us today to see about streamlining your mortgage to a new FHA loan in the mid to high 3’s. Likewise, if you have a conventional or VA loan fill in the contact form on the right to get a quote for a new refinances at surprisingly low interest rates. With rates at all-time lows again it is starting to make sense for more and more people to take another look at refinancing. And with the backlogs in underwriting starting to ease finally the wait times on many government-backed loans won’t be as long in the latter half of the summer as they have been in the first half.

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