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Unpleasant news just came down for FHA borrowers. For a long time the up front FHA mortgage insurance premium had been 1.5%. That meant that for anyone getting an FHA loan they had to pay 1.5% of the loan amount up front in order to offset the risk the FHA was taking to essentially co-sign on the loan. But as foreclosures rose over the last year the FHA found its reserves dwindling quickly. So in recent months the FHA launched a “risk-based” upfront mortgage insurance premium. Under that program borrowers with lower credit scores paid more of a premium up front.

The new housing legislation did away with the risk-based insurance premium plan and mandated that FHA charge the same premium to all borrowers. So in response the FHA recently announced that all FHA loans will now require a 1.75% up front insurance premium payment. See a Reuters article on that here.

How does this play out? Well on a $200,000 loan borrowers with decent credit used to have to pay a 1.5% insurance premium up front, or $3000. With the new standards that same borrower will have to pay 1.75% up front, or $3500. This premium is normally rolled into the new loan amount rather than paid out of pocket by consumers but that extra $500 is still extra debt. While this move probably helps the FHA stay solvent it is still painful for borrowers.

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