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While mortgage interest rates are not breaking new records this week they continue to stay down near record lows.

For FHA streamlines (FHA to FHA refinances) the interest rates have been in the mid to low threes in recent weeks. This can vary based on the age of the current FHA loan though. FHA loans that were started in the spring of 2009 or sooner have a special program that allow for lower costs. Consequently, lower interest rates are common with those loans because less lender credits are needed. For newer FHA loans (FHA loans started summer of ’09 or later) the streamline rates have been in the mid threes as well. In both cases it is common for borrowers’ break even on costs to be immediate so contact us in the sidebar today if you have an FHA loan.

On HARP loans, rates tend to be a bit higher. For significantly underwater homeowners with Fannie-Mae-backed conventional loans, most HARP refinances have been coming in between 3.875% and 4.25% in the last month or so. Part of the reason for this is that Fannie and Freddie recently raised their fees in order to remain solvent as companies. For borrowers with Fannie Mae loans who are not upside down on their first mortgage rates are better though. If you have a conventional loan see here to find out if Fannie or Freddie have backed your loan. If you do have a loan backed by Fannie or Freddie, contact us to get more info on the HARP program.

For folks with VA mortgages or with conventional loans that are not backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, rates are very low as well. VA rates tend to be very close to FHA rates and the VA-to-VA streamline program is even easier than the FHA streamline program. Rates on conventional loans where there is enough equity in the home tend to be better than HARP loan rates. Contact us in the form on the right to learn more about those programs as well.

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