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Prior to the recent state of the union address there was speculation that President Obama might bypass Congress and enact new mortgage relief guidelines through an executive order. The rumored changes, being tentatively called “HARP 3”, were reportedly going to open the benefits of the current HARP programs to borrowers who currently do not qualify for it. But in the speech President Obama gave he made it clear that, initially at least, he would wait to see if Congress could draft and pass legislation to accomplish that goal.

In the current gridlocked environment in Washington it seems unlikely that the House and Senate will be able to agree on any such legislation. It is unclear how long President Obama will wait on this legislation before taking matters into his own hands. Or it is possible that the Obama administration is just bluffing and has no intention of bypassing Congress with a HARP 3.0 program. Only time will tell. But for now we are in a wait and see period when it come to the potential HARP 3.0 program.

In the meantime, there are are several excellent government refinance programs already in full swing. Fill in the contact form on the right to get more info and an estimate.

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