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The Dow has surged to all time highs in the last few weeks on the heels of better than expected news on US jobs as well as encouraging signs from Europe. While a surging stock market is great for investors, it normally leads to higher mortgage interest rates. In this case the pattern only partially held. The Fed continues to go to great lengths to compress mortgage interest rates and those efforts are largely keeping rates from quickly rising. Rates are still holding near all time lows for now, but the efforts of the Fed won’t hold rates down forever.

If you have looked into a refinance in the past, or if your are considering researching a refinance now, we recommend you contact us right away while rates are still near all time lows and while several government-backed refinance programs are still in full swing. While an improved economy is desirable overall, it will also mean a return to the higher interest rates we have traditionally seen over the last four decades. Borrowers who refinance now will enjoy the benefits of record low interest rates even after the economy finally gets fully healthy. Contact us in the form on the right to get more info.

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